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Just another person blogging random fits of intrigue. Yeah For Transplant now my cancer can go da fuck away!


    wearing stellar

    Unknown artist : Philosophy

    Performed by Liit

    My upcoming Bond Arraignment for my unjustified AggDWII

    Well folks….
    its been a really unpredictable ride
    with this AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) 

    However this past Friday, August 30th, 

    I finally received my final consolidation chemotherapy session

    to kill the cancer in my bone marrow.  

    And I thank all of the people 
    whom wished me well tackling this obstacle

    And now

    in my heart I want to project a big

    "Fuck you" —to officer J. Jareno 
    or is deputy Johann K. Jareno?

    for fucks sake, 
    try not to arrest so many cancer patients 

    (I was one of three)

    in one night to meet quota 

    hope your bank account drains 

    as fast as you could make arrests 
    at a sobriety checkpoint.

    Yes they make 50 bucks for each arrest.


    Several things wrong with sobriety checkpoints in Albuquerque, NM.

    No probable cause to even assume i was drunk driving. 

    Alcohol does not have a smell

    if you eat a three course meal at 8:30 p.m.

    and the arresting time is at 1:30 a.m.



    field sobriety tests are optional.

    NM implied consent offers you breathalyzer or blood test. 

    As a cancer patient with a Central IV pick line sticking out of my left arm, it would make sense that

    if I cannot register a BAC on the breathalyzer

    and the hospital I go to— is up the street,

    then a denying me a blood test would be against my civil rights. 


    However Officer Johann K. Jareno

    did in fact used to work for the passenger in my truck

    —whom was politely given a taxi to go home—

    and the arresting officer knew what type of

    clout (money) my friend had.


    And what makes matters worse

    was that right after my arrest 

    the sobriety checkpoint arrested all seven musicians 

    —who were the opening act — to the Kurt Vile show that night. 


    Which My friend and I did in fact wait like an hour to get into 

    to see, after dinner.